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June 5, 2013

Go fetch!

My parent's dog, Gus, LOVES to play fetch.

He'll run after anything you throw--a tennis ball, a stick, a pinecone--anything!!  (Now he doesn't love to bring it back to you, that's another story!)  He sits at your feet, staring intently at you as you cock your arm to throw that Wonderful Thing.  He's pretty good about not letting you fake him out.  He won't go until he sees that Wonderful Thing fly from your hand. Nothing will distract him from staring at you and the Wonderful Thing.

That's the attitude God wants from us.  He wants us poised and ready to run after the Wonderful Thing when he throws it.  But we're more like puppies in training who can't seem to keep our eyes on the ball.  We're distracted by the butterflies and the flowers and all the shiny things of this world.  Our focus flicks back and forth between the Lord and our money, the Lord and our children, the Lord and Facebook, the Lord and __________.

Like the song says, "we'll keep our eyes on you".  Help us to focus all of our attention on you and not be distracted by the shiny things of this world. We know that nothing compares to the Wonderful Thing you want for us to have.  Help us to wait for your signal to "go" so that we don't get faked out and miss  out.  Help us keep our eyes on the ball!   


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