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May 21, 2014

Remain Connected

Everyone is familiar with the vine and branch analogy used by Jesus in chapter 15 of John's gospel. Jesus calls himself the vine and his Father the Vine Dresser. We as believers are the branches of the main vine and if we remain connected to it we bear fruit.
If we get cut off, we wither and die. In biblical times, when people were very intimately connected with the how and the where of their food production this was a great analogy, but for us who get our fruit from HEB's produce section, the significance of this may be lost.

I think a better analogy for our time might be the electric power line. Imagine that Jesus said instead “I am the socket and whoever remains plugged into me will receive power to do what I have designed them to do. But if you get unplugged, your motor won't run and you'll be useless—thrown into the recycling bin.”

Just as no life giving sap can flow to the broken branch, no energizing electricity can flow through an unplugged power cord. If you're feeling drained and useless check your plug. Is it firmly in the Socket?

Show me how to stay connected to you
as I go about doing the work you designed me to do.
Let your life giving energy flow into me with ceasing!

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